Your Opinion on Dr. Cain

In Mega Man X2 and X3, Dr. Cain makes a few in-person appearances. However, he is no longer mentioned after X4. In Mega Man X: Corruption, you’ll find a holograph of his body in capsules in certain levels to aid you along the way.

Should we assume that Dr. Cain has passed away from old age and joined Dr. Light in leaving capsules to communicate after death? It’s definitely worth a discussion.

How do you feel about this transition? Please leave your comments below.

Dr. Cain's Capsule

Dr. Cain is first seen in a capsule. Does this mean that he has passed away?

  • ssss

    we dont care, just release the game

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comment. At the fansite here, we actually just focus on the site. We are not the team that works directly on the project.

    • Croatoan18

      dude, youre so rude, get out of here, this guy is doing us a favor, not the other way around

  • Dylan Connars

    I just wrote a long message about my idea and it was deleted so I’m just gonna say it’d be a cool justification as to how Zero gets his cool armor. So maybe Dr. Light (as always) gives parts to X, and Zero receives parts from Dr. Cain. Just a thought! The game looks awesome and I’m excited to play it no matter what!

  • Christian Sanchez

    it’s a great idea, you are doing a good work

  • Croatoan18

    i dont think that that you should reveal wether or not he died, leave it a mystery until you have figured out if youd like to use him in a later game

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    todos os dois cientistas podem aparecer para megaman e zero,mas light pode entregar partes para zero e cain para megaman x.

    • Isac11

      na verdade prefiro o light entregar partes ao X e cain ao zero

      • Deivyd Wyllyans

        Por que não mudar a entrega das partes das armaduras?

        • Isac11

          Como assim?

          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            os cientistas poderiam entregar as armaduras para os dois,
            assim não precisaria correr de um lado para o outro tendo que mudar os personagens para pegar as suas próprias armaduras.

          • Isac11


          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            OBRIGADO ISAC11

          • Isac11

            E o que acha de partes do corpo costumizaveis?

          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            ótimas, por que o jogador pode montar uma armadura do jeito que quiser.

          • Isac11

            Como cor, formato e abilidades 😀

          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            com certeza

          • Isac11

            Pro zero tambem (ele só tem a virus armor e a armadura negra D: )

          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            zero deveria ter mais armadura,exemplo a apocalipse armor citada pelo usuario zero ultimate.

          • Deivyd Wyllyans

            o que acha da musica “it has to be this way (extended)” para o final boss?

          • Isac11


          • Bernardo Moreira

            isso tem
            mostro no video da ultimate armor
            vc pode tipo:peitoral ultimate,bota hydra,cabeça phoenix e buster ultimate

  • Matt Koehler

    its nice to see a bunch of people posting to stuff on the website, remember we do have a forums as well that you can post whatever you would like on.

  • Basher

    maybe it would be better to star y in the Light capsules instead of the Cain capsules… I think that Dr. Light is better because he CREATED Mega Man X… so… he is the only one with capacities to upgrade him… I don’t know if you see it like me but… It’s your choice… you are working in it.

  • Shado

    well… they did release a game that explains what happens to dr cain, but i wont mention it here, go find the answers for yourself 😀

  • Jason Vigo

    I like the idea of Dr.Cain. he did help create the reploids based off X, so he has knowledge of his tech. also would make more sense then Dr.Light who has been dead far longer and would be much harder for him to hide Capsules. I’d be fine with ether and it would open up a chance to explain both and how they affect the world.

  • MH-Zero

    Good idea, Light did not made unlimited capsules for X and none for Zero. Cain can do it for both of them.
    After why he has vanished (not necessary died) . We must discover this in the next episode ! 😀

    • KC_Xfans

      but as you see through the series…in X8
      Dr. Light still saying that he know how the world is going on and how X need to know and do!!! Dr.Light just like a god of that age! It is not hard for Dr.Light to create a lot of armor with capsule and plant them on the world since Dr.Light owned a lot of robots that time! X is assumed to be a change of rockman through the century. He should have a lot of time to duel with armor in his life when X is still ROCKMAN

  • KC_Xfans

    Dr.Light created X and he is absolutely believe X stand on the justice, he should know how X will think about certain of things(on the good side)It is simple for Dr.Light to make a pre-recorder for X, just like a video lesson to teach his son, even after Dr.Light,he still want to see X become a hero and helping others
    Whatever, I think it’s ok for Dr.Light to know how X feels and things wanna ask

    • KC_Xfans

      In fact, Dr Willy created zero, and before Willy pass away, he still think of beating up Dr.Light. May be a capsule for Zero may include willy in it and ask zero to beat X 😀
      Dr cain is not that suitable in my point of view as he is already on a wheelchair and bumping nutritions into his body, just like nearly die. He should not be able to create new capsule as he always ask Sigma to help him(see X1) And Sigma become the dark side is related to Dr.Cain too(Dr. Cain ask Sigma that how X can change the world and what’s X possibility) X is a logical thinking robot with emotions just a human also that’s why Dr.Light dun let X come out from his capsule even he is done with X because he is afraid people at that age is not ready to face X and afraid of it which will lead to a deadend for both X and Human Race.

  • Ivan Esteban-Garcia

    The only thing I should mention is that Dr. Cain is an archeologist originally and his lack of skill in robotics is why the Reploids are imperfect and very susceptible to corruption. Still, it would be nice to have him in a more of an easter egg role.

  • Erik Waiters

    In the Megaman Maverick Hunter X movie, when Sigma set off the rockets, Dr. Cain was sitting in his lab and the rockets destroyed his Lab and the city.

    • KC_Xfans

      yeah, that’s the point for no argue that” Is he really dead”

  • Da’Sean Kelley

    I honestly think it would be a good idea but it also would feel weird that he die in a snes series like game instead of the psx. especially since the psx version was more serious than the snes. also the only shocking thing that happened in the snes version was Zero’s death plus he had blood come from his mouth but not a lot and thats the only thing they had

  • Dante

    for the Record… Dr Cain died in MegaMan X 1 if you all remember MegaMan Maverick Hunter X for the PSP if you EVER beat the Game you got to watch what happens b4 you started it… kinda dumb that you get to see the start of your adventure at the very end… but its w/e its the only MegaMan X Animation out there so let me start by saying that its Title is MegaMan X Day of Sigma if you have not seen it Youtube it… all so Dr Cain gets Blown the **** up by Sigma when he sets off over 20 Guided bombs for Able City then X gets out raged and scares Sigmas face with his bear hands very epic moment imo sense Dr Light makes an appearance b4 X freaks out – over all seeing how Dr Light is pretty much a Ghost in EVERY MegaMan X game just do the same with Cain IF you want to no reason you cant – and for people who will tell me that Cain shows up in MegaMan X 2 or 3 when your getting Zeros parts dont blame me for what i have posted Capcom is to blame for your derp story line on the matter Cain IS blown up by Sigma in the movie so as to why hes there in X2 or 3 i dont remember what one theres no way he can be so just so you all know MegaMan X story line is broken in many ways even where *Zero* is brought up most Common story i hear about him is he was Found BY Sigma and when he woke up he was killing everyone how ever he gained the Sigma Virus and it some how Corrected his programming just another random pack of what might have happened in the MegaMan X story line… but no one will ever know due to Capcoms Low IQ… Thank god MegaMans father has had enough and has Made Mighty No.9 if you have not seen it yet it IS MegaMan just a new game check it out and support

    • thefinalword

      I don’t count Day of Sigma as canon. Vile’s last line Noooooooooo, not a charge shot!” was the most ridiculous line I’ve heard come from a villain that is supposed to be cruel and backstabbing though loyal to Sigma, a bit like G1 Starscream, but not extremely treacherous. I really don’t like the X games once they left the playstation one, command mission excluded because I liked that and completed 100%. X6 was really starting to push it for me. This is probably the best thing to happen since then and I look forward to it very much.

      Oh and I took only a single hit on the the final boss battle of maverick hunter x on my first try. I hate when games are unbeatable, but I expect some challenge. I bought and played the game to see the updated graphics for X1, but I felt the story was altered too much and made more kiddish. I wasn’t a big fan of that but at least I tried to appreciate the movie.

      Dante, it’s kind of hard to read your paragraph as a huge text block, you should break it into smaller paragraphs as you shift topics. I’m not trying to offend you or anything, it’s just my opinion.

  • klequinho

    Eu acho melhor colocar o dr.Caim no lugar do Light, e eu sei que o dr.Caim aparece antes no X1, depois do X em diante não aparece mais mas tirando esse detalhe com o dr.Caim nas cápsulas dá um ar de novidade neste novo jogo do M.M.X.C mesmo nao seguindo a cronôlogia correta do M.M.X, por que, quem esta errado na história é a Capcom e não o JKB e sua equipe. Anciosamente aguardando o lançamento.

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    i think you should make him declare that in another hiden special capsule, saying:
    ”the true about you just seeing me on those capsules, that is because i am dead and blah, blah, blah…”

  • nonetheless95

    Here is my opinion. I do not consider the animation provided in Megaman
    Maverick Hunter X (The Day of Sigma) as being coherent to the actual
    storyline. The reason being, Dr. Cain does make several undeniable in-game
    appearances in Megaman X2 and X3. So if we stick to the original plot
    (which is told beautifully) then it increases the options for a Dr. Cain
    presence(s) in the game. My idea is an in-game animation in which Dr.
    Cain dies during the game, and then he reveals his hidden capsules to
    either protagonist and after which the then-new Dr. Cain capsules become

  • MegaMan X

    He died in anime in maverick hunter x so he maybe created capsules and ai program for x P.S: How is then Dr.Cain still alive in megaman x2 and x3???


    i think that he might show up with a great ultimate mega powerfull armor,and help x in a final deadly and hard battle,and during the battle,he loses all his strenght(DR.Cain)and have to give the armor to x,and that is the most powerfull armor in all the universe,that lets x win the final battle,but,dr cain dont dies,he lives in a chip inside the armor,that gives the coordinates for x,i think that might be a good history,i dont know

  • Matt Pangea Pennell

    I think it is a FANTASTIC idea to have Dr. Cain take over the role of providing X with armor based on Dr. Light’s notes. It is a fun change and it would be more believable than Dr. Light coming up with soooo many armor upgrades! (although lets face it, it makes no sense why Dr. Light was unable to complete X but had all this time to build countless armor upgrades)

    • SpyBondPlays

      He completed X, he just had to lock him away for 30 years to make sure that his AI was stable enough to act rationally and with humanity.

  • Lex Prettymood

    In my opinion, Dr Cain should have his own way of talking! And there could be an easter egg of Dr Cain appearing (suprise!) saying something of the like:
    Oh, you’ve found one of my capsules! lol
    But for me Dr. Cain passed away.

  • Novarian Nexus

    This game concept is rather interesting.Excited to see someone make a skill point system. Waiting for this to be finished. Keep up the good work.

  • zero zx

    When does this come out

  • Anonyman

    release the game already! xD

  • thefinalword

    I think having Cain stand in for Dr. Light is a great idea and having him move to holograms makes plenty of sense. There was a 6 month time gap between X1 and X2 and I think it may have been much longer between X2 and X3/X4, possibly 20 years or more. Someone else might remember better, it’s been a long time since I’ve played those games. Cain might have had a lot of time to plan and develop armors before passing on even though it seemed rather abrupt chronologically. I approve of the idea.

    I am a backer of Mighty No. 9

    Check out Megaman Unlimited while you wait on MMX: Corrupted. It’s a pretty good flash game.

    I recommend this Megaman X fanfic as well as the other stories by Erico.

    I’m open to hearing quality recommendations from anyone about any franchise.
    I am very much looking forward to playing this game.

    There’s a site called Iragination. It has some drawn comics and megaman based flash games. It’s worth looking up if you want to look at some megaman related things in your free time.

    I found a lot of hilarity and entertainment in the megaman webcomic It ran for over 6 years I think, I read it in small doses while I was in classes at school and finished it in a few months. It’s downright zany and hard to follow sometimes, but trying to understand it was just as much fun as the humor it would develop over storylines was very worthwhile and had plenty of buildup.

  • Lucas Pinke

    Great Idea! Dr. Cain was left behind. Guess the CAPCOM staff said: We are new here, and… Wait who is Dr.Cain? Hahaha, dude, let’s just kill him, it’s less expensive.

  • Mike Jackson

    It’s a Great Idea. Dr.Lights Consciousness can only exist or be broadcasted to just so many capsules. Perhaps Cain in in a greatly debilitated state and is using his remaining time to help X from afar. X had grown, and evolved since X1 and this gives a better perspective since Cain actual knows X and had repaired and upgraded him throughout his lifetime. Light could only plan for so much, it is probiable that Cain could make some kickass upgrades for X. i’m Excited.

  • Felice Maverick Hunter

    Oh nice! 😀 When the game be ready?

    • Philip Dale

      There is no release date, so probably not for at least another year. And that’s a low-brow estimate.

  • Philip Dale

    I don’t know if Cain can really take Light’s place. It seems like the capsules
    are utilizing technology that Dr. Light never shared with anyone else
    which is why X’s enemies never become aware of them and why access is
    not granted to people outside of X and a few who are “in the know;”
    certainly not anyone as unqualified as Dr. Cain. I think the most
    important aspect of Dr. Cain is that he is not a bad person, but he
    nonetheless “sinned.” He had the hubris to create the Reploids despite
    not having the expertise or requisite knowledge to effectively emulate
    Dr. Light’s design (he was an archaeologist by training). Of course if
    he found a professional roboticist more capable than him to do the work
    he’d have to share the credit. Thus Dr. Cain is guilty of betraying X’s
    naively placed trust in him so Cain could be famous. Cain’s flawed designs, of course, are one
    of the main causes of the crises in the time following X’s rediscovery.
    Why do you think he’s called “Dr. Cain”? In Maverick Hunter X, the name
    of the destoyed city is Abel City. Cain and Abel, anyone? So it feels
    wrong for him to be in the position of an ascended intelligence handing
    out powers just like Dr. Light.

    HOWEVER!!! If JKB wants to do this, one way to go about it is to present the capsule system’s A.I. as mysteriously transmitting Cain’s messages and completed
    Light’s armors to X following Cain’s death. Under the aforementioned scenario it becomes clear that
    Dr. Cain has not become an angelic A.I. like Light, which maintains his status as a “gray” purgatorial character, yet it also allows X to see
    into Cain’s inner conflicts and flawed nature while giving Cain a means
    to partially redeem himself even if he never fully recognizes the
    severity of his sin. I think the poetically just punishment for Cain’s
    sin of selfishly capitalizing on X in exchange for fame is to ultimately
    be forgotten. Maybe he should even say as much in the game.

    Regardless of this particular issue, I am really looking forward to this game! 😀

    • thefinalword

      Interesting take on Cain, but I don’t blame him or believe the reploids built from distributed plans learned from Light’s notes on X’s designs were any more flawed than the original robots Dr. Light created. All machines live by the designs or programming they were built with. What makes the Megaman and Megaman X stories similar is that robots were taken and used for purposes they were never intended for in the first place. Cain indicates intent to help X throughout the games he was in which shows his good nature. He may actually shoulder a guilty conscious over having part in what happened but he was not directly responsible for it.

      In a theoretical scenario, he may have simply postponed or changed the way everything took place. Without a reploid police force already in place the day Zero awoke, Mankind would have been ill equipped to deal with an unstoppable and nigh indestructible robot. X would have been obligated to try and stop it. He would have likely died in a single encounter, inexperienced in fighting. What happens from that point is anyones guess.

      • Philip Dale

        I love having these kinds of conversations. 😀
        The lore of the MegaMan series is actually quite thoughtful, especially with regard to the nature of progress i think.

        I don’t buy Game Theory’s argument that Dr. Light acted morally irresponsibly in creating the Robot Masters. Robot Masters are clearly built with Asimov’s three laws or something analogous to them (in fact Dr. Light mentions the first law in the intro to ‘MegaMan X’). When MegaMan Rock considers killing Wily at the end of ‘MegaMan 7’ he was instigating zeroth law rebellion; he didn’t have that moral agency to begin with; he became more than a robot. However, it is true that Dr. Light did not anticipate all the ramifications of creating human-like robots at first. That said, Rock’s development to become more than a robot may have influenced Dr. Light to create X.

        My train of thought, and this is just my speculation, is that Dr. Light actually forsaw that unless robots gained equality with humankind, disaster would eventually befall the planet in the form of a robot revolt instigated by malicious programmers (like Dr. Wily or evil organizations) or forces (like viruses). And even if this didn’t occur robots had already been made thinking and feeling (thanks to him and his fellow roboticists) but under the laws of robotics were completely incapable of seeking justice for themselves despite their cruel treatment (like in ‘Mega Man 9’). This is what i think is his main reason for creating X and why he believes X to be the last hope for both humankind and robotkind. And sure enough, what happens? Dr. Cain imperfectly copies X’s design leaving Reploids vulnerable to the Maverick virus (courtesy of Dr. Wily) and the world goes through centuries of hell because of it, not to mention the continuing unequal treatment of Reploids to that of humans and the unstoppable march of progress building upon the unresolved flaws of Cain’s designs. If X’s design had been copied correctly, it could have led to a situation in which humans and robots would exist on an equal footing mentally, emotionally, and physically. X might have needed to fight for it, literally or not, but it would have given society at least the opportunity for change; a society where sentient robots and humans were equal was the best hope for true peace.

        I don’t think Dr. Cain is a bad character. He isn’t at all. He is merely a flawed character. Dr. Light is flawed too, but Dr. Cain is more so. Whereas Dr. Light made an honest mistake in his desire to help others, Dr. Cain deliberately took on a task that was greater than he could handle. I have been focusing on his negative aspects because the only side of him we see in the games is a kindly old man, but based upon his choices we see that he was foolish in his actions at best and arrogant at worst. “Mankind’s arrogance? Hmmm….” –Dr. Cain before he dies in ‘Maverick Hunter X’, which kind of drives the point home.

        • thefinalword

          I have a hard time recalling the storylines of X5 and X6, but if I’m right about one thing, Billions of people died collectively between the events of both games, such as the satellites crashing…? I’m a little bit confused on how that could be compared to something like asteroid level impact.

          I have some trouble following the late mythos of the series, mostly from not playing the games often enough, but humans were approaching extinction in MegaMan Zero, right?

          With the reploid population reaching high numbers by that time or over time and the last humans banded together to live in peace, I’m a bit reluctant to assume whether or not Cain’s decision was a bad one when you ask the question, who deserves to inherit the earth? X and Zero kept Sigma in check, at least somewhat, yet worse things might have happened too.

          The root problem of all the casualties can be sourced back to Wily, yet if the blame does deserve to be pinned on Cain, I can definitely say he screwed up big time. Or did he?

          • Philip Dale

            Yeah, Wily is not blameless at all. He carries most of the blame clearly. But if Wily is Satan incarnate, and Light is a heavenly father, Cain is well, your typical human i guess. I’m exaggerating but you understand my point.

            Dr. Cain is definitely not a bad guy; he just made one big mistake that ultimately caused the world to fall prey to Wily’s engineered virus.

            To clear things up, in X5 it wasn’t a satellite that came crashing down but a space colony, which is why it was as big as an asteroid and almost wiped out the Earth with some help from the Sigma Virus and the Zero Virus which were running amok. Then in X6 the Nightmare Virus wrecks the environment and basically just effs up the survivors. So between three viral outbreaks and an asteroid-sized impact a lot of people obviously died.

            Your point about Reploid population is valid, but think about it this way; the only reason there are so many Reploids is that the humans keep creating more and more of them to do the work they want them to do. If you treat people as a commodity demand causes their numbers to grow thanks to good ol’ fashioned capitalism. According to the epilogue of X8 after the game’s events production of Next Generation Reploids was initially discontinued, but the human businesses missed their efficiency and successfully lobbied the government to lift the ban.

            By the time of MegaMan Zero the humans have “won” the war against the Mavericks but the world becomes royally fucked over. They establish Neo Arcadia and the humans don’t make the same mistake twice; they tightly control the number of Reploids and establish dominance over them. The humans create a utopia whereby they are the privledged majority of the population, followed by a few “elite” Reploids who correctly mimick X’s design, with the numerous lower-spec Reploids living as peasants without any rights that the elite Reploids keep in line. So basically in contrast to his previous role as a Maverick Hunter, Zero becomes a revolutionary against the humans because of the new society’s injustice, and the series is much more complicated but that’s the basic premise.

            So the X series shows you what happens when sentient robots want supremacy, and the Zero series shows you what happens when humans have supremacy. So basically neither outcome is desirable.

          • thefinalword

            You have put Megaman Zero into better perspective for me. I had a basic understanding of the plot but I don’t see it summarized much. comparatively, there seemed to be so much more going on than the previous games. I’m in the middle of Final Fantasy 3 but I think I’ll hang it up to get into the mmz collection. You seem to have a really good literary grasp over the storylines. I’d like you to check this out. Here is a link. The story continues with a link for next page at the bottom. There are additional others to read if you want to continue reading them. I first found them somewhere between 1996-2004. Super recommended from one megaman fan to another.


            I’d be happy to check out anything related you can recommend.

            Thanks again, really. I am looking forward to replaying mmz with a fresh perspective on the series.

            Thanks for reminding me what went on in X5 and X6. I barely remember X5 because I only beat it once. I have often gotten far in X6, but I get so stressed over not saving everyone and difficult levels. The game randomly generates difficulty. I think I’ve been given the hardest difficulty every time I’ve tried to play it. To this day I haven’t beaten it.

          • Philip Dale

            I beat X6 once and then i accidentally deleted the save file, after which i never touched it again. Punishing difficulty is usually not a turn-off for me, however; in fact i prefer it as long as it’s fair. Doesn’t mean the game wasn’t a rushed job.

            So you did play the ‘MegaMan Zero’ games? Some people think it’s even darker than the X series but it’s hard to say. Yeah, as Neo Arcadia’s leader Copy X is mostly the spokesperson for the racist humans, which is hillarious given that a human (Ciel) is the spokeswoman for the Reploids.

          • Philip Dale


            I thought you were always supposed to have the “last word.” ;D

          • thefinalword

            Well, I was actually busy. I was in the process of moving to a new place the day I put my last message up and from there I ended up dealing with a lot of things that took priority. I was also enjoying a lot of things about Mega May that kept me distracted, do you watch Gaijin Goomba? He produces a lot of youtube videos about games and other interesting content, many of which have had something to do with megaman. I decided also to not jump into MM Zero collection as mentioned prior, I heard that the collection was censored and I want to play an uncensored version, speaking of which, I heard that the uncensored version was on the Wii U on sale in the shop, though I haven’t confirmed it for myself, it’s exactly what I want, given that I can play it on television in an mostly unmodified version, also, for mega may, capcom has released multiple titles for download on the 3DS. I think most should be out now, since it was supposed to be one per week until they are done. I also decided to sit back for a while to see if you would comment an opinion about the fanfiction I linked. Still waiting on you to discover how good that is. Btw, it’s been a very good summer for movies, I’ve seen Captain America 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla and X-Men are out, and more movies I need to see are on the way so I’ll be seeing those soon.

          • Philip Dale

            I was never really into MegaMan Zero, but i have respect for the series. I especially like the reversed scenario in which the Humans are oppressing the Reploids, which puts Zero in an interesting position. Also i saw all of those movies except ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ because i heard bad things about it. But the others were great, especially ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. My only complaints about that one was that young Magneto didn’t wear the awesome suit he had at the end of ‘X-Men: First Class’ and that the music should have included themes from ‘X-Men: First Class’ mixed with the original theme since it was a time-travel mash-up: a missed opportunity. Overall minor complaints. Kind of hoping Mystique continues to lean on the dark side in future movies.

          • Philip Dale

            About the fan-fiction… it’s very good but it’s just a retelling of MegaMan X as far as i’ve read. I’d much rather read an original story set in the X universe, but that’s not to say that this one isn’t well written.

          • thefinalword

            Well I didn’t just link you to a retelling of the story. He has original stories both set in the MM and X timelines.. I just thought setting you up at the origin would be the best way to begin.

  • Chi Accumilator

    Make it a conspiracy! WHO HAS BEEN MAKING THE REPLOIDS IN X4 AND UP?!?!?!?! Or maybe…..its Dr. Cain’s son!!!!? And whats up with megaman’s world not having any psychic humans? I guess in a world filled with technology they have lost their spiritual ways eh? The doctors are the only humans you see >.> You do know that there are “Mavericks” because Dr. Light created machines without the 3 laws of robotics (free will) which is why X is the way he is and never turns maverick, he already is “maverick” lol. You know what would’ve made the story cool? If mavericks were fighting for peace & against slavery/freedom towards the feds this whole time. But they’re not rofl. BUT Mavericks have the potential to think for themselves as opposed to “regular reploids”.

    • thefinalword

      X was never a maverick. Mavericks are robots that have been infected by a virus that turns them violent towards anyone not infected by the virus. In X4 the battle with Sigma and Zero is enough to indicate this. The virus that turned Zero berserk jumped into Sigma after Zero was defeated. From there it began to replicate and spread to other reploids.

      Reploids in a way are kind of like the robots made to assist humanity in the matrix. They were made to make life easier, and having robots that could receive instructions and act was easier than creating programs that could only do tasks up to a point. However these robots existed with free will and expressed the right to build themselves and their own cities. Although these Replicate Androids modeled from X’s designs lived peacefully with humans, they were infected by Sigma in secret and quietly prepared for the day they would strike, thus beginning the first war and the events of Megaman X. Mavericks do have free will to an extent, but it is influenced by hatred caused by the need to infect and destroy anything not afflicted with the virus.

      • Philip Dale

        The way i see it is that we have four classes of Mavericks in the X series.

        First we have viral Mavericks, which are the most common which are just as you described. These are most of them and are confirmed to include all but one of the Mavericks from X5, many from X3, and Magna Centipede from X2 at the least.

        Then we have the flawedly design Mavericks; because Dr. Cain was creating Reploids by imperfectly replicating X’s design, many of them developed errors in their moral programming. These are the original Mavericks according to the manuals of ‘Maverick Hunter X’ and ‘MegaMan X’ that existed prior to the spreading of the virus and Zero’s awakening. Crush Crawfish was one such Maverick, Morph Moth was probably as well, and Chill Penguin was to a degree in addition to a few others. Sigma also deliberately manufactured a few Mavericks like this such as Wire Sponge and Crystal Snail. Vile somewhat falls into this category as well as he was a war Reploid that suffered an accident that caused internal damage affecting his cognition (again according to the Maverick Hunter X manual), although Sigma as a Hunter took him under his wing perhaps under the belief he could be rehabilitated but this is just speculation.

        Next we have the political Mavericks. These are the Mavericks who excercise their free will in such a way that they incur the ire of humans without actually intending humans harm. Colonel and General of Repliforce, and Epsilon Upsilon, Scarface, and Ferham in Command Mission, are examples.

        Finally we have the free-will Mavericks. Because all Reploids have free will, the unacknowledged truth of X’s world is that Reploids can choose to act against their conscience if they so choose without anything being necessarily wrong with them. It is implied that the original group of Mavericks from X1 are free-will Mavericks as they were all coerced, followed Sigma’s lead, or were somewhat sociopathic to begin with (overlapping with bad-design Mavericks).

        All Reploids have free will, but they lack freedom of conscience. X is the only known Reploid to be able to evolve his own conscience, whereas the others have no control over how and when they feel guilt unless this ability is removed by the virus. In Flame Hyenard’s case, the virus even appears to have reversed this mechanism so that he HAD to cause mayhem and destruction to prevent himself from feeling constant pain. Next Generation Reploids appear to take this ability one step further in that they can alter their own DNA at will which allows them to remove their conscience by mimicking Sigma’s DNA, but this is ultimately not the same as X’s ability which is shared with humans.

        All this is pulled from various sources, including the Rockman Zero Official Complete Works and the manuals of the various games in the series in addition to the games themselves. Some of this is corroborated by MegaMan Knowledge Base but ultimately appears in the aforementioned sources.

        Sorry for being so lengthy with my explanation. xD

        • thefinalword

          I agree with your viewpoints, I just never thought about giving subcategories to mavericks based on motivations. I think in X4 I recall X being protesting against Dragoons or the colonel’s actions, proclaiming they would be dubbed a maverick. I see it as a with us or against us kind of thing, and neutral doesn’t matter.

          Flame Hyenard is like top ten most annoying characters in a video game. That repetition is maddening. I remember hearing the reasons for him fighting, but I was so ticked off I wanted to end the battle and move on. I don’t recall reading the manuals and I don’t own the RZ official works yet, I only beat each game once. The difficulty was a thorn in my side. Maybe I might enjoy giving it a few more rounds though. I always played all the other ones lots. Probably have preference for tv screens. I guess no HD remakes have been announced right?

          A little further down the page I recommended some material for people to delve into some of the entertainment mythos of megaman/mmx. You should check them all out 100%. It’s the best stuff I know about.

          • Philip Dale

            Yeah, X7 was still a bad game. Just Flame Hyenard was somewhat memorable i think because of how annoying he was. But he had the only interesting backstory of that lot. xD

            The funny thing is that most players kind of take Zero’s attitude towards the Mavericks rather than X’s. They are the bad guys, i go to kill them, story over. The fact that X is the main character and yet frets so much about the Mavericks he destroys is kind of ironic given the typical player. I always get the feels going through the stages even back when i first played X1 when i was a kid (maybe it was because of the kickass Maverick themes?) which might be why i like X better. Yay, idealists! 😀
            Of course, i think X is the only one who can see the gray which is a big point in the series. That’s probably one reason why i like X4 the best, because there is a sense that good guys on each side are fighting good guys and bad guys which makes the story really memorable for me.
            It also had this day-in-the-life-of-X episodic feeling to it.

          • thefinalword

            Come to think of it, I never beat X7. There’s a rollercoaster level right? I could handle the game well enough but I feel like there was something wrong with my disk. I couldn’t follow the wild camera, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing there. Taking town the levels in 2D/3D perspective wasn’t a problem for me, but that level got me. I still can’t believe it, me, humbled by the rollercoaster level. I had to be satisfied by beating X8 and command mission with the black armor unlocked. That final boss was something else. I thought the fight would be cake with the armor. It seemed overpowered even with it on.

            I tend to enjoy the games where I can play as X or Zero the most, but X is always my first choice, which is weird because I think Zero is more badass. I just grew attached to the mega buster and three to four stages of charging I guess. The thing is X5 and X6 had so many quirks with playing with zero or high difficulty settings, I couldn’t like them over X4 if I tried, and I love X4. I kind of overplayed it though, and it doesn’t feel as interesting to me now that I’ve memorized all the powerup locations and armors. Sigma flat out scared the heck out of me before I got to the point where I could beat his 4 forms with ease. I feel like X1 and X4 are the best games still, but they were the easiest to master. I consider myself pretty good at playing X, but feel like the bar was set really high for difficulty in all the other titles… except maybe X8.

            Oh that reminds me. Axl. Someone wanted to push the idea of adding a cool new robot to the team. How is that the best they could do? I don’t hate him a lot, and I really don’t care for him. I was really mad when he got the kill shot on Sigma in X8 and proclaimed well great! I don’t even care that there aren’t any more titles coming out because I lost a lot of respect for Sigma right there, being that he often spends his on screen time being an always evolving embodiment of destruction and fear. Still though, I’d be totally happy to see Sigma return in the never gonna happen X9 title, especially if he can do something that reestablishes his reputation as crazy villain. Hey if they ever get to part 20 maybe they can label it Megaman XX.

            All the X1 music is in my head like the super mario nes levels. It’s catchy and classic and possibly the best in the series.

          • Philip Dale

            Yeah X1 had great music. I like X4’s music a lot too to be honest because it feels thematically really well tied together while still being catchy.

            I like Sigma, but i feel like he was too overexposed from the beginning. I never beat X2 or X3 as a kid, so the first time i realized he had “come back” was in X4, so i was actually disappointed to learn he was in X2 and X3 too as an adult.
            I honestly don’t feel like he was really necessary in those games either. If it were up to me Sigma would only have be in X1, X4, X5, and X8. That said, i haven’t lost any respect for him. Then again, i actually like Axl, so yeah. Axl gets a lot of flack for being introduced in X7 but i don’t have any problem with him getting an equal footing with X and Zero. Prior to Axl’s introduction Zero stole the show from X too much i think. 😉
            In a sense, X is idealistic good, Zero is pragmatic good, and Axl is chaotic good, so they balance each other well.

          • Philip Dale

            About Sigma… i don’t really want to see him come back for a while.

            It’s time for the Maverick legacy to survive and continue without him as any good legacy does.

            I think the big twist at the end of X8 was that New Generation Reploids could develop the ability to become viruses like Sigma, as Lumine appears to do at the end.

            So Lumine becomes Sigma Virus 2.0 (or is that 3.0 after X6?), kind of like how Sigma became the new Wily Virus after he was infected by Zero.

          • thefinalword

            I didn’t get around to X2 and X3 until around 2002-03, and I wonder if my appreciation was muted somewhat for those games because of it, as I don’t get the nostalgia factor out of it. Also, I find them overly challenging to the point where they are more work than fun… but playing them more could fix my complaint, I felt like MMX was too hard at one point, but constant playing turned it into one of the easiest to play games I’ve ever sat down for. I think the world speedrunner setters clock in at 40 minutes average, but I feel content with under an hour, never really bothered to find my exact time before starting to watch their runs. Oh that reminds me, I’ve taken a liking to watching speedruns by certain people, tas runs are boring imo, too mechanical no heart, still better than nothing though. Oh, though, I am proud to say I recently beat Maximum Carnage on a real snes recently for the first time. The game drove me crazy trying to beat it in my teens. Just feels good to get that accomplished and mostly sure I can do it again. Currently playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Super Mario Galaxy 2, among other things keeping me busy. Just started, and I estimate a month to beat it since I only do a few levels per day.

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