What Is Mega Man X: Corrupted?

Mega Man X: Corrupted is a fan-made game by JKB Games, that takes you beyond the events from Mega Man X5.

The gameplay will be a bit different from the typical Mega Man X games. You will be able to play as both X and Zero. To give balance, X will not have a saber and Zero will not use a buster (as a primary weapon, anyway). Perhaps the biggest difference is that the game will be a sort of Metroidvania game style – where you are playing in one huge map, not several separated levels. Certain characters from the Mega Man X titles will not make an appearance in Corrupted. These characters are ones such as Axl and Vile.

Although this is, in fact, a Flash game, there will not be any sort of multiplayer mode. However, the flexibility of Flash will allow you to play the game from Windows, Mac, or Linux, or other operating systems, so long as it can support Flash. There are configurable controls, so it is possible to use a game controller to play the game, although you may have to set up some software first.

There are a few important features of this game that make it stand out in a crowd. Both X and Zero have their own intro and opening stage. The game is detailed and open to allow you to freely choose any direction you wish to play the game. This also means that the decisions you make can actually lead to different ending. Even though you will spot some older enemies, you will find some new ones in the game – each with improved AI. Corrupted also contains its own leveling system with Skill Points to upgrade your weapons and skills. There are a handful of new armor sets, as well as mountable armor machines to travel on.

All in all, we are glad to take a look at what the future holds for Mega Man X: Corrupted. At this time, there is no scheduled release date.

  • Yavir

    Como puedo descargar megaman x corrupted no se donde puedo descargar que me puede ayudar

    • English: He asked how to download Mega Man X: Corrupted. Unfortunately, Mega Man X: Corrupted is still in development and does not have a set release date yet, but we will keep you posted on our website as soon as possible.

      Español: Desafortunadamente, Mega Man X: Corrupted todavía no está listo para jugar. No hay una fecha por la publica, pero te vamos a explicar en nuestro sitio web cuando tenemos más informacion.

  • Pysis

    Looks great! I’m looking forward to it as well since I thoroughly enjoyed the content in the X-X3 games.
    I can’t help but prefer the enhanced mobility I saw with X4 though,

  • Bode

    Estou abismado com o que estas fazendo. Impressionante.
    Um sonho se tornando realidade.

    Sou um grande fã de mega man x e a muito tempo espero um game como esse.
    No velho estilo, como se estivesse jogando super nes, Com uma jogabilidade excelente.

    Por favor, continue o ótimo trabalho.

    Meus parabéns.

    Novamente, obrigado. ^^

  • patrick

    tiene una fecha especifica de cuando va la salir me estoy muriendo de ganas de que salga ya el juego

  • ruka007


  • Daniel

    I’m looking so forward to this. thanks for all your hard work on this project

  • BlazeV1X8

    I’m looking forward to this. But why is there no release date though?

  • rlanguasco

    Game still in development.

  • Trung Nguyễn Andy Tee

    so someone have a link to download megaman x corrupted?

  • Ashley Manohi

    i like the opening music its so good and gets me hyped too