Site Updates

Mega Man XWe are pleased to announce several updates that have been made to our website.

It has been very important that we update you, our viewers, with the most accurate information regarding the Mega Man X: Corrupted project. Therefore, we have created a richly detailed section labeled Game Features. Here, you will be able to understand virtually every aspect of the game (without ruining too much of it, that is!)

You will be able to gather from this new section details on the leveling system, skill points, and other gameplay features. We have also extensively covered moves, abilities, weapons, and enemies.

Another section that we are introducing to you today is the addition of the Video Gallery. Catch up on the development process of the project by checking out demonstrations of characters, armors, levels, and more. The gallery is integrated directly into our site and allows you to switch between videos without having to constantly jump through pages.

We hope you find these updates more and more useful as time goes on. However, if you have any concerns, please feel free to send us a message in the comment section below or on our forum!


  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    the same question, you still working on this?

    • Hello Gabriel. Yes, we are working on resolving many issues on the website. There have, unfortunately, been some internal fires to put out first. Also, the game is still in production. Stay tuned for a new video scheduled to be released in late March!

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    yes! now i know when will release!