Opening Stage Soundtrack for X

One of the most important soundtracks of any videogame is the one that you hear first. The very first audio track sets the mood for the entire game. In a sense, it’s like writing a thesis statement at the beginning of a long essay. It gives you a feel for how the rest is to come.

Thanks to our music composer, NitroFlasher, the opening stage’s soundtrack for X is nothing less than extraordinary. It’s an upbeat tune – modern, but still gives you a sense that you’re back in your PJ’s playing your Super Nintendo, starting another crazy adventure as Mega Man X.

Feel free to view the video above and comment below!

  • Dj_jazzy

    Sounds good!

  • nekomaster1000


  • Charlot

    Very nice

  • Dr. Jaken

    I am so amped for this guys! The game play looks incredible and the music is spot on! Keep going on this guys, I am looking forward to seeing the first release.

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    this game is amazing, i can’t wait for the first release!

  • ZeroSaberGreen

    I think that this music is great, but it just doesn’t
    sound like SNES X style music, it just doesn’t fit with the sprites.

  • BB Guns

    I agree, it’s not fitting. It uses the right sounds, but I think the arrangement could be made better.

  • klequinho

    ficou shooowwww !!!

    Com essa mĂșsica estou de volta ao SNES heheheh

  • Darkanen

    The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

  • Heitor Souza

    tem br