New Videos!

Today, we would like to present to you the latest series of video previews of the development of Mega Man X: Corrupted.

First, let’s take a look at Zero and his ability to battle against an underwater opponent.

Next, you’ll see that the Hydra and Phoenix Armors are in seemingly good working order.

Finally, you’ll find X going out on a test drive with some armors.

  • Gana scar


  • megacool1289

    can’t watch, can someone put this on youtube

    • Are you getting an error message? Try pressing F5 to refresh or visit in another browser.

      • megacool1289

        OK got it to come in now, and great job with the game

  • Guest

    Question: with the release of this new video, is it possible that this will come out in early may

    • Thanks for your question. At this time, there is still no scheduled release date. We will keep you inform as soon as we have more details.

  • Fliper

    you have done a really good work but a hard mode will be awesome

    • Fortunately, there are already multiple difficulties built into the game. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gana scar

    someone! make this game fast released! i can’t wait!

  • MegaBob

    Phoenix Armor looks amazing. The last time I was this excited about a game coming out was when Mega Man 9 was announced.

    I was wondering, have you thrown many easter eggs or references to previous games in Corrupted? I’m a sucker for that stuff.

  • Tiago Mello

    faรงa um gameplay quando acabarem o jogo !!!

  • Tiago Mello

    makes a gameplay when they finish the game!!

  • treos

    with so much bad going on with capcom, i’m definately gonna grab this game once its released ๐Ÿ™‚ may not get mmx9 but this should suffice



    • megacool1289

      looks nice, hope they do reply and and this.

      • Tesel

        he’s already stated in many QnA’s “There will be NO MORE ARMORS”

        • Gabriel Ribeiro

          don’t you ever saw someome that changes mind.

          • AshuraAlchemist(pixel artist)

            You guys seem to very optimistic considering the armor isn’t very professional looking and it JPG FORMAT. You can’t make out anything from that and the way the person is talking I doubt even made it.

    • AshuraAlchemist(pixel artist)

      I can tell you did not make this because I actually know the person that did, and he does not talk in such a manner in which you are. Get out sprite thief.

      • ZeroSaberGreen

        I agree. I’ve seen the sheet before, but I forgot the artist who made it. Could you link me to his deviantART page? I recall him having a bunch of cool stuff.

  • Cristian

    My god this is amazing! I was waiting for a Megaman of the X series since megaman X6 (x7 and x8 are greats but they lost the escence of the original game) and I found THIS, a seriously project, made by fans, even capcom would be surprised if they see it, great job guys , I want to play it soon ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry for my english My native language is spanish ๐Ÿ˜›

  • GleamingSword56

    Epicness. I can’t wait for this game.

  • CooCooForCocoapuffs

    Is this game going to be free? If so/not will it be on an emulator?

    • Since this is a fan made project, the game will be, in-fact, free. JKB would be sued by Capcom if attempted to make a profit off of the Mega Man X series.

      And to answer your other question, this game will not be played from an emulator. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • CooCooForCocoapuffs


      • Gana scar

        thanks,i the game is free..i can relax now….

  • Raive

    I am Korean

    I love megaman so much

    When I was 5 years old, my dad bought me ‘Megaman X4’
    I played that, It was so amazing game.
    But now, megaman was out of season.. I wish that megaman’s revival.

    I am not good at English..haha sorry
    but this game Megeman X: Corrupted is so surprising

    Please make it
    I really want to play..

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    hello, i am back, why don’t you choose nitro armor, it seems very cool

  • AshuraAlchemist(pixel artist)

    Well everything seems to be in a nice fashion, but I don’t like how everyone wants that not very good sheet called “nitro armor” put into the game when it looks shitty and is in JPG format which has a destroyed the sheet entirely and will be almost impossible to render it to normal. Ignore the nitro armor and focus on what is already in.

    • megacool

      Just because it’s in another format, doesn’t mean they can’t just take the pic and design, then turn it into something else and use they own format. Not that they have to put it in. That just my idea

      • AshuraAlchemist(pixel artist)

        actually it does, in jpg format the image gets destroyed if it is pixel art, go read about spriting on spriters resource, it is practically impossible to recover all of that work. I actually am a rookie, but even I know jpg format kills images, allow me to get an example using some of my work. Here is skarva, a character of mine. Left is jpg format, right is png format, the left image is destroyed, the right image is perfect and clean. See the issue now?

        • megacool

          YOU SIR!! just prove my point, you have 2 different pics of the same character, but with different formats. So all they have to do is look at the pic and create it on they’re own as a format they use in the game. not saying they HAVE to put it in, just saying give it a thought

  • ZeroSaberGreen

    Warning! Nobody donate to this site! This guy is not the creator of X Corrupted! JKB didn’t even give this guy permission to make this site! The only way I know how to contact JKB is facebook ( the twitter isn’t even JKB! ). JKB said himself on his facebook page that this site wasn’t official.

    • Hello ZeroSaberGreen,

      Please allow me to clarify some misunderstandings you may have. Our website is a “fansite” and was created because we have a genuine interest in the Mega Man X: Corrupted project. As such, we are actually putting in a load of effort in assisting JKB in advertising his project for free.

      All donations are used to power our servers, software, and labor to maintain the website, as listed below.

      Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.


      • ZeroSaberGreen

        Sorry, i was just being an angered fan for a second. But I was saying what JKB was saying, but in an angered form. I apologize for being rude, but I was a little angered that people are giving you credit for the game. Can you make sure everybody knows that this is a fansite though?

        • Hi ZeroSaberGreen,

          Thanks for your reply. I have also come to realize that users mistaken this website as being “THE” official page for the project. Much of this assumption is likely with the domain name.

          As a web developer and designer (room for improvement, I know…) I’ve used best practices in terms of SEO and our page ranks quite high on related searches. In some cases, above JKB’s pages.

          From a discussion with JKB back in February, we have already made steps to reduce the amount of confusion by editing our header and rewording details on how donations are utilized.

          We’re currently in the process of freshening up our design and will introduce community forums. I’m hoping that by allowing the community to talk a bit more freely about the project and this fansite’s goals will encourage the thought that we’re aiming for a community for JKB’s amazing project.

          Anyway – sorry to ramble on a bit! Please feel free to let me know if you find any of our pages misleading and I’ll be glad to revisit any material that potentially causes confusion.


      • Vic

        Hey I need help – my comments are not showing up. 1 second after I post them I hit refresh and nothing is there – I don’t know if my comment was deleted by a mod, or if it is just a browser cache issue, or what – please help, thanks.

        • Hi Vic,

          Sorry to hear that you were having some issues with comments. I really love reading user feedback, so I’ll help you the best I possibly can.

          I noticed you made one other comment on another post that didn’t display. I’m looking into what the complications are and will get back with you as soon as I can.

      • Jackst

        Hi great game, but one thing that really bugged me – the boss “Warp Vulpex” needs a name change. The boss is a fox-looking robot, and when I Googled “Vulpex” this looked to be a variation on a fox-like pokemon character “Vulpix”.

        This is very unoriginal and doesn’t fit. Addition to be Pokemon being aimed at a younger audience, Pokemon isn’t even by the same developer (Nintendo, not Capcom of course). This’d be like having a character named after um, Mr. Spock in a Star Wars fan game.

        It also might be a copyright violation and resulting a cease and desist letter from Nintendo. I recommend changing the name to “Warp Vixen”, or something that’s less of an obnoxious reference.

  • nathael

    why not put the guys in the game axl is just an opinion

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    now the game is almost complete, you now the releasing date?

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    don’t need to be shure
    just close the date

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    pleeaassee reelleeaassee