Mega Man Fan-Made Feature Film

While we all patiently wait for Mega Man X: Corrupted to be released, it’s good to revisit other projects regarding the Mega Man series. However, not all of them are just based on fan-made games. Unlike most fan-made projects that never get released, Blue Core Studios has published a full-length feature film and released it openly on YouTube.

One thing to note is that this film was created as a non-profit fan film. Therefore, there are obviously going to be some limitations compared to current box office hits (especially considering it was published in 2010). We encourage you to watch the film with an open mind and enjoy the story from the director’s perspective.

For your convenience, you may watch the film right here! Let us know in the comments what you think and if you would like to see a sequel.

  • Christian Sanchez

    I’ve seen this movie before, I wanted news about the game

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    na minha opinião é um bom filme

  • Jeremy Lake

    So excited for this game!!
    I used to make Mega Man X games on Gamemaker but they were very very basic.
    I will continue to check this site until that glorious day!

  • Isac11

    *megaman punch’s alarm me:HAHAHAHHAHA

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    What about the game? I’m sorry being rude but i want just to know how is the percentage of the progress, like 20% 50% or even 60% ahead

  • Luis Gustavo

    very shit this movie