Major Website Update

Today, we are pleased to present to you a major website update! Although there have been many small adjustments, we’ll make a note about the most critical changes.

Logo Design

We have replaced standard text and introduced a full-fledged professional logo design. We believe that this design accurately reflects our fansite for Mega Man X: Corrupted. Many thanks to our designer, Jay Reblora, for all of his hard work!


In the past, viewing the website from smaller devices would result in having the user to scroll left and right to read the content. From now on, the site may be viewed from any mobile device without breaking the look or feel of most parts of the site. Future updates may be in place to further advance the site’s responsiveness.


We now have forums integrated directly on our website! Please feel free to register an account with us and let us know what you think. 🙂

Special Thanks

zero2We would like to also give special thanks to those who have dedicated time and resources to our fansite.

  • John K. Bacchus – JKB Games
  • Matt Koehler
  • Jay Reblora
  • Alexandre Trindade Vianna
  • Paulo Peña – Fingled
  • Saurav Nyaupane
  • Kenneth Jørgensen
  • Gumerov Rustam
  • Amado Barragan

Furthermore, please note that we are not in any affiliation with Capcom. All Mega Man related content is property to Capcom.

  • Matt Rowser


    • Croatoan18

      how about you stop being rude and show some actual appreciation that this person is making a free megaman game for everybody?

    • Hello Matt,

      I am glad to see you’re so passionate about the project. However, please understand that my team and I only work on the fan site and have no direct influence on the development of the game.

      We are just as anxious to play the game as you are. 😉


      • Gabriel Ribeiro

        holy shit, John K. Bacchus is the only one who already played the game? Holy gabs. Why he doesn’t let you guys help on the project, it could be faster anyway, i can’t stand that guy

  • megacool

    I notice that some of the team who’s make MMX Corrupted help with the site. Did they by chance say anything about it

  • Unfortunately, no information on a release date has been given to us. We will definitely let you know as soon as we can.