Game Engine Update and Beta Testing

If you have been steadily watching JKB Games’ news feed, you will have noticed that they’ve all had a decently long break. We’re now back on track with reporting about the status of Mega Man X: Corrupted.

According to JKB Games, the game is going through an engine upgrade, so the game should perform better than initially expected. New enemies and scenery are also being created (Credits to Kacper)and this will allow you to feel as if you’re playing a separate title from previous Mega Man X games.

Finally, and we’re sure most of you have been eagerly waiting to hear about this, but you can expect Beta testing sometime this year.

We’ll keep you posted as new information is released!

level preview

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    me gusta, the game for me was already complete, and now, i’m gonna lose my virginity, that’s the only thing what can make me more happy than play this game
    i want to play, i wanted to ask, about the new enemies and the new stages, they are complete already?

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    i suppose it will be a lot harder to get the armors, and secrets

  • Aaron Whipple

    Something made me look up this game for the first time in a year just now. I’m so glad I did. I am super excited to see your hard work coming to fruition. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (coder).

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    I’m dying to see the betas (estou louco para ver os betas).

    • Isac11

      eu tambem !

  • William Sousa

    Se lançar um Beta vou jogar orgulhoso ^^ (If you launch a Beta’m proud to play 🙂 )

  • Yago baeta

    man, I’ve been waiting so much for a update, and now it’s coming a beta? I can’t wait to see it.
    (cara, eu esperei tanto por uma atualização, e agora está vindo um beta? Mal posso esperar para ver)

  • MaiWiddowPoni

    please all i want ever is this game. i just hope it doesnt die and if it does well depressed time

  • Christian Sanchez

    the best news ever 😀

  • Nero Angelo

    GOD!!! I’ve been expected for the game since 2009. Come on, JKB. Soooo sr but i really want to touch the game so badly.

    • JKB has limited resources to created the game, which is why it takes a while to see results. Though, you’ll be able to test the game’s beta sometime this year.

      • MasterSXtreme

        It doesn’t seems like :v
        but maybe we will see it in the next year 🙂

        • Unfortunately, it looks like you are correct that JKB Games will not be releasing the Beta as they promised this year… We will post any updates on the Beta when we know more.

          • John Layfield

            Any updates?

      • Arun Nair

        Is it possible to donate?

        • For the development of the game, you may ask JKB Games on his Facebook page.

    • Ricardo Martinez Jaime

      Nad now is 2018, almost 2019 ^_^

  • Trevor Belmont

    Was supposed to be released this year,….just now getting beta done,…..looks like another year of wating.

    • A release date has never been set. Please also understand that this is a fan made project and the developers have other obligations and may decide to take a break from the project when needed.

  • zero ultimate

    that is a beta?

  • zero ultimate

    I get it.

    I want you out wait for 2 months for me is pretty, and will learn that will get a beta is like having the game in my hands and on my computer also, finally I wish them well and would not be bad about the apocalyptic armor and elemental armor of which you speak.

  • Da’Sean Kelley

    so when does the beta come out

  • Antony Juan

    I will take this beta


    • CDRom11

      Only after you take a chip

      AND EAT IT!

  • Dante Soulest

    Just from watching the little videos that showcase the game, I can tell this’ll be a fantastically fan-made game. I might even willingly play Mega Man, as I mainly play as Zero.. which I’m loving some of his skills like that crystal attack from his saber. This is going to be hectic, but a lot of fun.

  • Wednesday’s Serial

    This is super exciting.

  • Swamp

    Great ! I can’t wait ! Thanks for your hard work.

  • MaiWiddowPoni

    and watch, as 1 day before the beta release capcom sends a cease and desist, OR he get hacked and lose the game OR he dies randomly

    the curse of the fangame creator!

    • That would, indeed, be rather unfortunate… lol
      If it gives you any comfort, Capcom is generally very supportive of fan made projects.

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    o projeto não pode morrer,como ficam os fans que estão acompanhando o projeto? E por isso que o projeto tem que continuar. (the project can not die, as are the fans who are watching the project? And why the project has to continue.)

  • Can I be a beta tester for this game?

  • zero ultimate

    Friends of this space, I can only recommend that we wait eagerly pascientes and this great project.

    If you’ve waited a few years we expect a little more difficult (of course in my case go two months with a week and a half).

    And this JKB Games to wish them well and they can continue with their work in a satisfactory manner.

    Thanks for your continued work on what is megaman x corrupted.

  • Immortal_Dr_Wily

    MWA HA HA HA HA, Greetings Everyone. I am quite impressed with this project and am so looking for to it’s release. The videos on this site look awesome and have my interest at max. Keep up the good work

  • CallmeAdam

    This game really looks amazing and appears to have that “soul” that today’s video game industry doesn’t seem to have anymore.

    I’ve got to say, though, that I’ve got an uneasy feeling that Capcom may try to slap you guys with a ‘cease and desist’ order once you’re ready to release the game (e.g. Streets of Rage Remake, Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes).

    If that happens, I personally offer my services to “hack” your account and release this game, myself!

    Screw them!

    • treos

      *sigh* yeah, with those hacks/fangames you mentioned in mind, it really wouldn’t surprise me to see a C&D come this way. though in the case of Streets of Rage Remake capcom did it for a really bs reason (not that its any surprise really). iirc they were going to release a remake of 1 of the games at the time, don’t remember if it was on a mobile device or what though.

      they really need to lay off on the megaman bashing though, not going to start a fuss over it but you’d think they’ve done enough damage already with the whole MML3 fiasco and the following mess.

      • Nostalgia Ninja

        Eventually the Streets of Rage 3D Classic came to the 3DS, although I really do find it stupid to just shelf a SoR Remake.

    • Zack Hall

      Don’t forget though, Street Fighter X Mega Man was started out as a fan project but ended up getting Capcom’s support so… this may too, who knows but I doubt it’d get a C&D. Not to say it’d be impossible of course… all I can say is, Good luck!

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    i hope the new stages are already complete, and the enemies too, oh man
    i’m so excited!!

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    Aren’t you going to upload any videos anymore? Just to see how is the progress.

  • absolutezero90

    make giga attacks
    put the x armor of megaman x 8

  • Christian Pearse

    Will this game have gamepad support? If not pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee consider adding it. It would make this game INCREDIBLE.

    • disqus_Oqr2DieibG

      of course it will have d-pad support. R U KIDDING ME

    • Not to worry. We are releasing an article shortly to not only explain how to play Mega Man X: Corrupted with a gamepad support, but also any other game you may come across online.

  • disqus_Oqr2DieibG

    OH FUCKING SHIT! This game better be massive as FUCK, like I’m talking
    Minecraft never-ending maps ‘n shit. Cuz u guys takin forever. jk but
    Dammm, you guys really need to shift it in gear and start releasing a
    little, so that people can start playing, and update the game

  • Fan Megaman

    I’m waiting for this game. It’s looks great!!!

  • asdfgmegaman

    imagine if this was a real capcom game exclusive to wii u, the wii u sales would TRIPLE

  • Bryant Baxter

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but what is the potential for compatibility on android devices such as OUYA?

    • Unfortunately, that will not likely happen due to different technologies in play here. Mega Man X: Corrupted is being developed in Flash, a technology that Android no longer supports.

  • Guilherme Cauan

    Something that since i was a kid i wanted was playing as Awakened Zero , i’m sure this form of him will not be featured ( i think) but i have a question , Genmurei will be available? and/or Z-Buster?

  • Valker Souza

    OURS?, the game isn’t yours, jerk. JKB himself said that wished that this pag didn’t exist, and that it’s very sad how you’re trying to make money from his project. Such worthless scums… Fuck you.

    • We are a fan site and are not taking credit for JKB’s hard work. If you read the post more carefully, you will understand that.

      • Valker Souza

        Even so, it doesn’t matter. JKB said for you to stop, he feels uncomfortable with what you’re doing. He said that want you to stop, and even so you will continue?. If you go to mmxc page, and click to see the publications of other users you will see him saying that he didn’t want this page to exist. “I really wish it didn’t existed. Oh well, I tried to stop it but the guys is only out to get money off this project which is very sad.’, it was his words. Sorry if i was disrespectul with my words, but he wants you to stop, and i was pissed off. I hope you prove your worth and stop with this page, and if you don’t want to, talk with jkb about it.

        • I directly spoke to JKB over a year ago (Feb. 12, 2013 to be exact), after he made his initial post. We have complied with all his requests to make things right.

          To be clear, we are only a fan-made site and to help publicize (for free) his amazing project.

          • Valker Souza

            I didn’t knew about you even trying to talk to him, ’cause it didn’t seems like that. Well, again, sorry for the unecessary swearing, that was really bad of my part, i was pissed, because i really have respect for jkb and his game. It really seemed that what you’re doing was very wrong, not that it doesn’t seems anymore, it still feels wrong to me. The decisions of what to do is up to you, and it should be up to JKB too. I’ve been navigating here recently, and for someone new to this project, it really seems that you are the creator of this game, ’cause you rarely even mentions JKB, you just mention capcom most of the times. I really think that you should mention somewhere in the front page about JKB, so it doesn’t seems anymore like this way. Anyway, JKB doesn’t really seems to like this page, so you should think about the right thing to do, even if it doesn’t means shutting this site off.

  • ToshoFefnir

    For everyone that visits this website, please be aware that this is a FANPAGE that just duplicates updates from the game maker, JKB. If anything, JKB has made it clear multiple times that this page is not his, and has even asked for the site to be removed so that there is as little confusion as possible. If you really want to get the most up-to-date news and updates, go and follow his Facebook page at There you can not only find updates made by him, but also other members of the dev team, where you can freely ask questions about the game. Just be sure to read the FAQ once you get there.

    I’m not advertising, nor was I sent by JKB. I’m just trying to clear up some confusion between this site and the maker’s FB page. Regardless, if you are going to make a fan page, at least acknowledge the creator of whatever it is you are a fan of and don’t make it seem like everything here is your own. I have seen that many times on this site already and it is very disrespectful to the creator and developers. Respect the hard work that others do. If you can’t respect that much, then you don’t deserve to even talk about the game, let alone host a “fan” site about it.

    -ToshoFefnir, a very loyal fan of MMX:C

    • I appreciate you taking the time to make your post, but you are mistaken on many different levels. Allow me to clarify.

      1. We never claim credit for the good work. We make every effort to clarify this fact. Please see the About Us page where we explicitly say “We are fans ourselves and are in no way affiliated with JKB Games or assist in the development of their project.”

      2. JKB has never asked us to remove the page. In fact, his last statement to us was how to make things right with my fan site and we complied with every request.

      • ToshoFefnir

        1.) You still never gave credit to JKB for this project. If you did, you would not only be giving links to the FB page on every post you make, you would also say in your “About us” page that all work that is posted on this site concerning MMX:C is made from JKB and his dev team. I’m not saying they own MM or MMX. I’m saying that posting content like you are is plagiarism because there is no clear-cut source citation.
        2.) I recently participated in a comment thread with JKB in which he said that he really wish that this site didn’t exist, as it is a confusion to his fans about which is the real site.

        Now, if you wanted to stop looking like an @$$, there are a couple of things you could do, such as giving credit where credit is due (put enough credit to cover your own @$$) and also possibly rename the site to include something like “Fanpage” or something like that. Think Wikia pages for example. There are many out there, but they all give enough credit to ensure that whoever visits those sites knows the difference between Official and Fanpage/Infosite. I’m not trying to be an @$$ myself, but that is something that I, and more than likely JKB himself, believes. I like the way the site is laid out and how it looks, but give some appreciation to the devs and creators. It will go a long way.

        • Thanks for your post, Tosho.

          Believe me, I’m making strong efforts to distinguish this site as only a fan site and not to take the credit from the developers of the game.

          As I said before, I have been giving credit to JKB Games. Did you read the page you just mentioned? Almost the entire text reinstates the purpose of this fan site and declares that we have no influence on the development of the project.

          I discovered the thread JKB mentioned the commented you posted just yesterday. This was not my understanding, as he has told me how to “make things right” over a year ago – which I complied with all requests. I’ve sent him a message to resolve any issues.

          I will see about including a “Fan Site” text in the logo at the top to further prevent confusion. Although I cannot explicitly cite every sentence we publish on the site, we’ll make better steps to state we’re only reporting from the source.

  • waiting for x corrupted

    put beta to download

  • Trident

    If you take much time i help to program this game.



  • Flying Otaku

    Well, here we are in late November and I’m just as eager as ever to test out the beta version of this MASTERPIECE.

    Any updates on that? Also where can I go to find out more about this game?

  • Eric Silva

    vai lança 2015 ou 2016

  • Henrique Negrello

    This is going to be the best game ever! I will donate as soon as I can.

  • Israel Neves

    How can i be beta tester?

  • Megaman X

    please relase it please

  • Radwane Fouad


  • AkitusXA


  • ilucasz


  • Max2669


  • Bobby taillon

    i really would like to help im the guy that send you my robots sample,is someone somewhere that can do photoshop…?Me im good for drawing but everything is computer today.Dont stop your project its too wonderfull !! But ill check it out for that.

  • Ichinzen

    I really like the version of zero and megaman x from x1-3. sure you can play as zero in the later installments but his design in x4- doesn’t feel right. It’s pretty blocky compared to his original appearance. Even x had a few design changes in those games. It’s good to see the x1-3 forms of x and zero are going to be used.

  • MauroGmplays

    porfavor saquen beta excelentisimo juego muchas gracias por su dedicacion a este increible videojuego

  • Adam Suliński

    I want to be a beta tester!

  • Spencer Caserta

    Please send me a beta copy as soon as possible.
    I love your game and I would like to play the beta.
    your newest fan Spencer Caserta.

  • Sam Curry

    Where can I download the beta for this? Seeing as the last comment was 4 years ago.

  • Ed nuisaing

    I have a question
    What is the software
    Did you use to edit your game?
    I’m looking for a new hobby

  • Jordan Wah

    any kind of demo or beta we can test, yet? i can’t wait for this! it looks amazing!

    i have been designing my own mega man like game. so far just story, design and art. I don’t know anything about coding and whatnot. i hope to create everything and then possibly a kickstarter or some crowdfund campaign to hire a small team..

  • pbxellos

    this looks sweet, ive played every official mm game and if you need a beta, id be happy to and i just got a snes usb controller.

  • Clorox Bleach

    Still waiting damn it

  • Klinger Alexandrino

    Cadê o jogo ? AFS ta demorando demais ‘-‘

  • Ryster Arcayan

    it been 4 years huhuhuh, i really want to play the game, im still waiting up until today

  • Kid CrazyCade

    lemme play it now!

  • Danny MP


  • Mavsynchroid

    So I’m guessing they abandoned this game?

  • Udochukwu Austin Uzomba

    yup as this game is good

  • ronaruddo

    hola quiero ser beta test del juego

  • evil ryu

    who can help me download megaman X Corrupted 🙁