Crystal Mines – Your Opinions are Valued!

Recently on Facebook, an image of the Crystal Mines was released. This area of the game has several unique features to it that deserve discussion!

Not only is this area of the game completely beautiful, but it interacts with the player to keep things interesting. For instance, the crystallized vines will reflect shots fired upon it.

What other features do you think this level will have? If you could include your own features, what would they be? Let us know in the comments section below.

crystal mines - big

  • Eldrew

    a Crystal Semi-Boss? ‘-‘

  • megacool

    multi routes that using a mine cart, mole metters that digs and shots, slippery areas that made of crystals, falling crystals

  • Jer Gaia

    The crystal-ized vines does make things interesting, but if you like to hear opinions for the level then I will share some that would could to mind.

    1.) Hidden passage ways. Since the mapping system is most likely a cross-breed of Castlevania:SotN (Which makes a fantastic element!) there could be undiscovered tunnels that you couldn’t find before in the previous areas of the caverns by destroying somewhat revealing weak walls, the tunnels would either make useful chained short-cuts to track back to the earliest areas, finding rare items and possibly power-ups, or even dead ends that leads to death!

    2.) Crystal sheets/panels at the bottom of any water placements. Like the vines there could be any sheets of crystal formations which can reflect shots from earthward, even on slopes shots from on ground would be coming diagonal and shot upward! Plus the idea of mechanical panels covered with a sheet of crystal would be interesting as the could be operated automatically or even manually by activating a switch of some kind that players can use in order to solve puzzles! Also, crystals aren’t ice as they don’t behave in the same way.

    3.) A new unique mini boss. Of course having a sub-boss somewhere would be fun but I wouldn’t want to see it being just a crystal robot, gotta have it unique and make fit with the level! Perhaps a large robot scorpion that shoots piercing lasers from it’s tail and claws that has drilling blades on them (Kinda like a chain-saw). Then again it is just ideas that you could use and come up with!

    4.) Lava? Exploring the great depths of these caverns maybe across your travels you would come across magma underground that would tides closer to a more hazardous stage of another Maverick’s, cause having stages merge together is a very fun concept as you have multiple sections of an area that could filled with forestation, the ocean waters, or even volcanic hot spots as the main center of the stage remains a normal crystal-rock cavern.

    And that is mostly all I would have to say, they might be helpful or impossible to arrange for em. However you guys can use whichever you believe is best! Hope my input was appreciated! Rock on dudes!

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    continue com o seu ótimo trabalho.

  • Matt Rowser


  • Dante

    i think this is Great. the pic with Zero on the cart takes me back to MegaMan X 1 and 2 Crystal Snail from the X2 and armored armadillo from X1 2 cool elements from 2 of the best X Games ever made – as for what i would maybe do if i had the Brains to make such an awesome project see the light… i would make Crystal walls make X and Zero slip down some what so that if they jump late over to the other side of the wall they would be stuck under what ever Crystal they were trying to jump up to meaning they would have to go back down and time the jumps right or risk being stuck from lack of timing this could all so be used for Death Traps! near the boss door have 1 or 2 rooms set up to where you could use this and on the final just lay some spikes out on the bot so if they mess up at the end of the road its just good old Pew pew!

  • Swamp

    Great pics ! Keep going, this game will be awesome ! (just here to support)

  • BVRX

    I think you know what you are doing, i love the work you put into this Game so far so, no opinions for this level though. but i really would love to have a map-system for the whole thing cuz the thing i don’t like in a Metroidvania Game is getting lost. anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Neko J. Master


  • Corrupted Fan

    First time posting. I love the original work you’ve done on this level.
    One idea could be some kind of energy radiating crystal that when X is in proximity it charges up your x-buster.
    Other crystals can un-charge your X-buster or maybe make your X-buster able to only fire one or two shots (interfering with it’s power source).

  • zero ultimate

    and perhaps the end of level before entering the maverick monster would come out a very powerful crystal , but with a weak point that there is no notice and there are two options .

    1. not to fight with him and continue the maverick .

    Two . fight the monster glass and if you get a power expires quepermita only increase your life , strength , power, destruction , jump, dash , charge level . Not very good armor increase each extra part load level for fun but even more , also beating the monster would give you the ability to transform into an enemy you destroy, you have three options :

    1. transform into one reploid and get your basic attack .

    Two . transform into the reploid , get your basic attack and arsenal ( in case you have weapons).

    Three . transform into the reploid , get your basic attack , your arsenal , additional attacks , military recognition (going to reploid others will recognize you as one of them special abilities and mavericks double damage (you must reduce your life meter to 5 )

    • zero ultimate

      I would like the game to be released successfully and clearly very good reputation, I think I overdo it a bit with the reviews that say about zero and I guess jamaz would perform something like that and it’s better that way. With these effects and powers as the game lose its fun and would make it a game of explosives and secured victory but not of adventure, strategy and those that leave you aching hands from playing.

  • zero ultimate

    I think the best idea would be to place an obstacle in the way to reach the maverick ( should be a very large reploid all input tape , and the only way to go is opening it ‘s way , but of course to remove to get up and try to kill you ay must be a way to cross it without waking , say a switch hidden or secret route that makes progress till the fourth of maverick .

    Another idea would be to build a new armor called “elemental armor” ( armor containing the normal load on the ground dash , dash air , but the difference would absorb the qualities of the place where this . Example: x is in a rock route ( can absorb the power of the land into small or large rocks shot with an enemy sensor , also can break rocks and push , creating mountains of rock bass helping him reach the paths and objects that are in very remote high .

    another would make the crystals found in the level fall and become mavericks of megaman x1, x2, x3 ( others not because they are stronger, clear that the power will be half ecepto in case of weaker than are , chill penguin , storm eagle , etc. )

    maybe this is also good , place level enemies possessing zero sabers such as nas to pass nivek exciting and not like the classic levels of the game and some are very short and boring .

    character is always zero as intermediate because it never receives a new armor ( other web sites except the black armor and armor already created by you) , other than that there would be interesting to give zero armor assimilate the ultimate armor , and can perhaps be called Apocalyp armor ( in purple color with black and burning fire, his special ability would fill the area of darkness and make the meteor black which is a type of nova strike but with the difference that this I can destroy everything in its path but this ability is removed when fighting bosses and sub ​​mavericks in place would be a powerful beam of infecting the enemy sword of darkness filling it and making it explode in seconds if left alive the dark anger slowly removing his life) will fly 15 seconds to the desired . Chaos dash (one dash that I can be done both on the surface and in the air, a purple fire layer which covers the protegue zero and damages its enemies ) . Supreme blade ( his sword becomes purple with black and full of dark fire , this sword creates dimensional vortices that absorb the enemy and destroy it, this ability can only be used one time per level only in the case of single mavericks diminishes it attracts life decreasing it, you can cut two enemies and if your life is high only hurts him severely). Dark attraction (if you are in a dark place and recharge your life gets special powers carry other web sites except the dark, loading his gun fires three times the power loaded with dual power, to absorb all the darkness of the place can make a dark sphere powerful that destroys everything it touches whenever destructible even mavericks are easily destroyed). Final Chaos (to sacrifisar their life stripes realiaza leaving only a large blast that destroys all enemies on the level, in cases such as the level of the crystal the crystals are destroyed and zero sno danger will be destroyed)

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    good idea of the apocalypse armor and elemental armor of zero ultimate

  • MaiWiddowPoni

    …sniff… im scawed 🙁

    dont die project… plEASE

  • Pedro Paulo Spinelli Falcão Wa

    Well…not a complaining, but besides the name “crystal” already has been used by another maverick (Crystal Snail), you can see different colors of different gems in this stage, including the ones from the boss’ attacks.
    I think it would be more appropriate to use one of the following words: Gem, Jewel, Gemstone, Gemma.
    I think they sound more general for this variety of colors, not to mention that they sound more creative than “crystal”.

  • AkitusXA

    1) Right before the battle with Crystal Rafflar I remember seeing him make a formation of Zero’s head and then quickly destroying it, so a feature I’d like to see in this stage are decoy 1-Ups, but maybe put some hint that it’s not a 1-Up, like not flashing like the actual 1-Ups, if you do fall for it though maybe the consequence should be some kind of attack from Crystal Rafflar’s pattern.

    2) To add on to shot-reflecting vines, how about making a bunch of different effects the vine will do if you hit it with any kind of special weapon, like for example