Closer to Completion

The creator of Mega Man X: Corrupted has recently updated us with some information regarding the March video that was scheduled to be released late this month. Unfortunately, the video is not complete quite yet, but the project is closer to its completion.

In other news, enemies are going to pretty interesting when playing on the S Class difficulty. Their artificial intelligence (AI) is sure to give you a surprise!

Don’t take my word for it, below you will find the official quote from JKB, himself!


Hi guys,

Time past so fast, it’s already end of March and I know I said I would make an update video but I haven’t finished what I wanted to.
Instead of doing what I had planned I ended up focusing on X and Zero which are 90% done now. =D

Started working on enemies and having fun with their AI, specially for S Class difficulty where they get extra AI. >:D
We also have lots of new elite enemies and sub bosses.

Almost all of the areas are being updated, so wanted to focus the video on that, because the new tiles are awesome!

Sorry for the delay, I’ll make it up to you guys.
Thanks for all the support,


  • AlexanderInc. Patton


  • megacool1289

    question: by predicting the outcome, what date would you give to completion

    • Unfortunately, it’s still too early to say. We will release specific details when we have a better idea.

      • megacool1289

        good enough for me to wait

  • Will this game be playable as a rom through snes emulators? Since this is flash based can we expect an Android based compatability that could work on OUYA?

    • Android has discontinued flash development due to the innovations of HTML5. Therefore, it is unlikely that you would be able to play on Android and OUYA. However, I would be interested in seeing the game ported in the future to support modern innovations.

      • ninjapretzel

        I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of bullshit.
        Flash > HTML5, at least until HTML5 is easier to work with.
        And discontinuing flash support is a bad move anyway.

        At least one can still sideload a flash player plugin on most android devices, despite official support being withdrawn by many manufacturers.

        • Flash uses much more resources and puts a strain on processing. HTML5 can operate much more efficiently. However, Flash has been out for much longer and definitely still has a place on the web.

          • ninjapretzel

            And I agree- but HTML5 has a much higher barrier to entry for most people since there is no good IDE, and flash has the benifit of being a much bigger, vector art/animation tool as well as a programming tool.

            It may be bloated, but there is a LOT of functionality that is there, and that people use.

            HTML5 is still in its infancy, and really, isn’t all that innovative.
            The youtube HTML5 player (and other HTML5 video players in general) show just how farther ahead flash is overall, from shorter input latency and seek times to having correct playback more often.

  • klequinho

    É uma pena essa demora mas desde que compense a demora esta tudo certo :D.

  • i cannot wait for the releasing, im going to get crazy when release

  • Flint

    Finally my friend, i give uu power for the end.
    All our hearst are in this with u. Great work on doing. And know that we all are waiting to hunt mavericks. Good Luck. Make us cry and teh CAPCOM pride ^^.

    Só I think everyone wants to know too…
    Sigma is mentioned, or even apear in the game ? Suprise, suprise, till the end of the time XD. See ya Boss

  • ninjapretzel

    You are a sexy motherfucker. Please keep up the good work on this game.

  • jkb, its not march more…be fast or someome will hack all the site, that person is not me, ok?

  • i am with a shotgun here, hã, do you want to face me?

  • onnnno

    Plz make a way to play with xbox 360 controller =) will be awesome

    thanks for the hard work

    • We will create instructions for using XBox 360 game controllers for Mega Man X: Corrupted. I wouldn’t expect anybody to use the keyboard unless they absolutely had to! 😉

      • treos

        uh…yeah >.> no controller here hehe

      • I will stick to the Keyboard xD I’ve gotten so used to it now that I rarelly use controllers. But surelly configurable keys are a must >_<

      • twig

        I played MMX purely on keyboard, so I hope it’s still possible to play on keyboard at all =)

      • Eric Scott

        thank God….although i prefer the super nintendo controller

    • Runeskyr

      Just get Joytokey. It’s a free program that maps keyboard keys to a controller. It’s how I was able to play I wanna be the Guy.

  • yea, its a good idea to make a way to control with video games of today!

  • treos

    been keeping up with this game for quite some time now and still looking forward to it…may’ve lost 3 games to capcom but at least theres this to look forward to. 🙂

  • yea, capcom is becamin a crap, because they canceled a lot of good games, like megaman legends 3

    • Bernardo Moreira

      and megaman online & megaman universe
      but megaman legends 3 would be awesome

  • ollie

    I have been waiting for since MMX6 or maybe even X5 cause I didnt really like X6 so much for a new good MMX game with the old school style to come out. And I must say this seems straight up to be one of the best MMX games to get released!

  • megacool1289

    Question #2 : Are all the songs going to be remix to sound like the SNES MMX

  • Great images, great moves, yeah, the “must have” for all megaplayers! thanks mans for u efforts….

  • Gana scar

    how long is this gonna be?

  • Vic

    Game looks fantastic, but I probably won’t be playing it unless the boss character “Warp Vuplex” gets a name change. I just noticed this and it looks like it’s a reference to a Pokemon character “Vuplix”. And I can’t think of any better way to ruin an otherwise good game than insert a reference to Pokemon into it. What next, are you going to make a boss based off of Barney the Dinosaur, or the Teletubbies?

    Please either give this boss a new name or give us a way to edit the name of the characters ourselves? This verges on being almost a complete dealbreaker for me, thanks.

    Not to mention it’s just begging for a ‘cease and desist’ letter from Nintendo.