About Us

We, the fan site team, consist of only a couple of fans of JKB Games’ project, Mega Man X: Corrupted. We are fans ourselves and are in no way affiliated with JKB Games or assist in the development of their project. We’re just as eager to play the game as you are!

How we Operate

We continuously pay for software, servers, and labor to maintain the fan site because we have a genuine interest in JKB Games’ project. Although there are a couple of ads on the website, we are still virtually paying everything out of our own pockets to keep the site alive.

For the Fans & By the Fans

mmxc metThis website does not belong to just one person. It’s owned by all of us, the fans. Ideas and innovation also do not come from one person alone. This site is meant to be for the fans and also be by the fans, and so we encourage any user feedback to keep developing new features and content on the site. When you see an article that interests you, feel free to speak your mind in the comments section and we’ll try our best to respond back promptly.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You may send an email to support@megamanxcorrupted.com or you may use the comment section below on this page.

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  • Haiova

    Is the game close to be released?

    How are you bringing this? since this project came from 2009 i think.
    Will we be able to play with a joystick?

    • Mega Man X: Corrupted began around 2009, but never finished development. According to JKB Games, they will release a beta test at some point this year.

      • Yskar

        A year ago…
        This still a thing?

        • Diego Manuel

          maybe people can see my comment in 2020

          • Yskar

            Dude, i still want to play this very bad! D=
            Any progress? Or at least change the assets and sell as an new game.

          • Ashley Lightheart

            Check they’re Youtube channel.

          • Ashley Lightheart

            Check their Youtube channel.

          • Fernando plus
          • Yskar

            Pode ter certeza que você ganharia uma grana no Steam se mudasse os sprites para algo autoral e vendesse lá, eu mesmo compraria na hora!

            Não seria muito problemático mudar para outra engine, se não me engano vi um conversor de flash para Unity em algum lugar…

          • Erubiel Hernandez

            its 2018 and IDK if the game is out

          • Sandy Soxx


          • Mekeninzo

            Yes. This is 2020

          • Diego Manuel

            Woah! and the game isnt released

          • John Mudrack

            now its 2021 I think it’s safe to assume this project is dead.

          • yuzy

            now its 2022

          • Blaxe Frost

            Am I late to see your comment? -2023-

      • John Layfield

        Hopefully it’s almost ready.. Are you still alive?

  • EletroHyro

    Hello, I’m from Brazil … I’m a fan of MegaMan and greatly appreciate your work … I wonder if the game MegaMan X Corrupted have the option to play with 2 players on the same screen … if he will the multiplayer? And … also like to know, he has a chance to be released this year? Thanks …..

    • Olá! Obrigado pelo seu post. Infelizmente, JKB Games mencionou que não haverá um modo de multiplayer.
      Hello! Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, JKB Games has mentioned that there will not be a multiplayer mode.

  • Hello. My question is if you can download the game megaman x corrupted ?.


    • EnderSclicer12

      Not yet…

  • Julius Poke

    I can make a donation or something for help the project? I just see this and I fall in love whit your work.

    • To make a donation to the project itself, please visit the Facebook page and get in touch with JKB Games.

  • Lord0Link

    is there any chance of seeing a ROM release that supports the real Hardware for people that want to play this on there SNES with Flash cartridges like the SD2SNES, Super EverDrive, …….?

    • That is a good question, but the answer is going to be no because this game was not designed around the SNES system, but from Flash instead.

    • Sorry for the late reply. This project is made in Flash, so there will not be a ROM release. However, you’ll still be able to use a controller when playing the game with 3rd party software.

  • Caique Nonato Da Silva Bezerra

    The game will be free? If not, it will be on Steam or in another international online game shop?

    • The game will be free. JKB Games would be sued by Capcom otherwise. This is a fan made project.

  • Jexulus

    I think, for the purposes of giving the community a place to discuss the game, you guys should link a forum to this website. It’s clear that this place won’t be updated a whole lot, so if you create a forum, people are more likely going to stick around. The community doesn’t have a place to discuss this otherwise.

  • killmandj1130 .

    Would Mega Man X: Corrupted be able to be a free release on steam?

    • EnderSclicer12

      IDK… Maybe it will. That’ll be cool!

    • It will already be free, so no worries there. JKB will not be able to charge anything for it, due to legal concerns.

  • BluBlur91

    when will the demo be released? I get chills after each update I see

  • kokocipher

    How about keep the updates up to par with JKB’s facebook page, or maybe blog about bosses and other characters.

    • My apologies. We are making some internal changes to try and get the content flowing on a regular basis.

  • EnderSclicer12

    This looks like it’s going to be a fun experience! 😀

  • EnderSclicer12

    Does anyone know how to ROM hack MegaMan X? If you do… please tell me.

  • EnderSclicer12

    Pretty damn long time of development. It should be released by now.

  • mateus

    Quando sai o jogo??????????

    • Infelizmente, não temos um tempo estimado de quando o jogo será lançado. Fique atento e vamos mantê-lo atualizado quando JKB libera mais informações.

  • mateus

    Quando sai o jogo??????????;

  • mateus

    Quando sai o jogo??????????~~

  • frekinawesome

    HOW LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG? this should be on kickstarter or something that way it could be made faster, i think it has more potential then mighty no 9. but i guess there would probably be copyright issues and stuff “sigh”

  • NintendoTime Gamers

    when the game is gonna be released???!!!

  • Yskar

    Esse projeto ainda existe? Alguma previsão???

  • RobbehNexus

    I’ve got a quick question? Is there a chance you’ll be releasing profiles for the Mavericks? Or do those already exist and I’m not aware.

    • Hi RobbehNexus,

      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to that here. You may want to repost your question on the Facebook page, so that JKB himself may answer you.


  • Ultra Kawaii Roman

    How far are you guys in making the game?

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  • Joel Santiago Aguiar YT

    how download game

  • Morgan J. McFreddy

    how do I download it?

  • Zaayr

    Just a random question about X’s Ultimate Armor in this game. The section on the heroes lists the abilities of the parts but makes no mention of the Nova Strike…is that not going to be included?

  • Roger Cruz

    David Brown, you still active bro?
    almost 2016 and there are a lot of updates about the game just waiting for you to write about!

    A nice weekly update would be awesome too, even though there’s nothing in a certain week, you could talk about MMX stuff and compare the 4 games (X1-X3 and XC)

    Blogs shouldn’t die without content! XD

  • who

    Start a kickstarter, get capcom to publisher it.

  • Joshua Watson

    Any mailing list? I’m connected on the Facebook page.

  • How I can download it?

  • Wednesday’s Serial

    So…. any updates? Any news on the Beta? Anything at all?

  • Shareef Haddad

    I’ve been working on a fan game project that I’d like JKB’s help to complete.
    It’s called “Mega Man X VS Power Rangers”.

  • russell

    When does it come out

  • Man


  • Hekutta Saint

    This is a Master Piece. You guys are so talented. I hope the game come to light soon.

  • Chris K

    Hey guys, LONG time follower. This game is something I’ve been waiting on for a long long long time. But good things come to those who wait, right? So anyways, here’s the frame of my question. MMX:C has designs, innovations, and appears to me to be the truest realization of the type of game the MMX creators wanted it to be; from graphics to gameplay, all on a SNES-like platform/design point. That said, has Capcom or anyone contacted you guys? I know many game makers usually put C&D orders on fan games, but I haven’t seen that with many fan games of the MM series, so I don’t think it’d revolve around that if they have.

  • Sam Altman

    How will you make sure it actually comes out. . . I have been looking forward to this and i don’t want to be mistaken again.
    AM2R, and Pokemon uranium. I do not want this game to shut down. . . so i ask you. Will it really come out?

  • Jeffrey Uy

    Can I download this game?

  • german ascencio

    still there ? please still working ,you will reborn the glory of megaman

  • Jose Luis Del Solar Etcheverry

    when it will be for sale??

  • Luke92

    There isn’t the picture of Zero in Section Game Features -> Heros

  • currently waiting on an update about the game


    how to download it

  • Sandy Soxx

    Maybe this will be released one day, but it’s been a decade so I seriously doubt it.


    How can I contribute to the project?

  • Brian Adetunji

    where do you go to download mega man x corrupted

  • 神の淚

    cam i download the game yet?

  • So is this dead it’s been 6 years since the demo was supposed to happen

  • Udochukwu Austin Uzomba

    I really loved this game for years i just hope they did the pc and laptop realease

  • Udochukwu Austin Uzomba

    MMXC I love you

  • Udochukwu Austin Uzomba

    especialy JKB games

  • John Mudrack

    It’s 2021 I’m assuming this project is DED dead. Sad because I never got to try out this amazing looking mmx game.

    • Ecoolarg

      its not he just posted a speedrun of the intro stage

      • John Mudrack

        its dead bro


    Can you launch a beta version for everyone to try? Thank you!


    I really want to play!

  • Ruan

    Hello, I am a developer and I liked the project too much, is there any way I can help in the development?

  • rgeol09

    Any news? Haven’t seen anything on Youtube for a while and I just found this page. I hope to be able to play this some day, no rush. Good luck JKB!