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In an effort to bring more transparency about this fan site and how we function, we’ve created a new page about us.

We hope this will give more insight as to what we do as a fan site. This is also an opportunity for you, the viewer, to help by providing new ideas and features to the site. We’re glad to accept any feedback you give in our comments section below!

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    Essa pagina além de dar mais transparência ao site, pode tirar mais a impressão negativa que alguns espectadores tem sobre vocês. (This page in addition to give more transparency to the site, can take a more negative impression that some viewers have about you.)

    • Obrigado por seu comentário. Eu entendo que muitos estão confusos, já que o dono do “megamanxcorrupted.com” domínio. Espero que este artigo vai esclarecer quaisquer mal-entendidos. (Thanks for your comment. I understand many are confused, since we own the “megamanxcorrupted.com” domain. I hope this article will clarify any misunderstandings.)

      • Deivyd Wyllyans

        Sou eu que agradeço. (Am I grateful.)

      • ilucasz

        Então vocês são brasileiros também? Eu sabia que Megaman tinha uma fanbase bem sólida aqui, mas não sabia que eram fãs tão apaixonados quanto eu! kkkkkk Legal saber isso…

  • Noah Taublieb

    Dear JKB, Can you unban me from your post of your facebook page, I was trying to send those links somewhere else. Im the guy who asks like, 20 questions,
    I’ll ask less, didn’t mean to swomp you.

    • Daniel Müller

      Yeah, he banned me in facebook page…

      • JKB has a tendency of jumping to unsound conclusions. Unfortunately, I’m pretty confident he won’t be reading these comments to unban either of you.

      • Noah Taublieb

        sorry buddy

  • Superstar99999

    There are millions of video games out there, and now, this is some sort of fan made game, and last year, this is the first time I wanted a Fan Made Game. This is new to Mega Man X, the mega man creators will be pleased, if there were a new game where Mega Man Teams with Mega Man X

  • treos

    think i’ll remove this site from my bookmarks now since i just added JKB games facebook page to my bookmarks and in comparison of update frequency this site is pretty much dead compared to the facebook page.

    https://www.facebook.com/JKBGames i’ll just leave that here if thats ok.

  • DETahaX

    Hi.. well first of all, I hope that my opinion is valued of what I’m about to say. There is a little something that concerned me. Seeing a few videos and the post from Feb. 24th’s picture, on the save file of Zero as it is clearly his picture (the second one), and so does X’s. I can see that it says “Class B”.. Now X is the B Class Hunter while Zero is the SA Class Hunter. While also seeing some videos (or video; I don’t remember :P) at the pause screen of Zero’s it also says “Class B”.. Now I hope that JKB is aware of that, and If he isn’t, can you please warn him to fix that? (And Thank You in advance)
    Hi, I’m a new fan here that barely heard about this project sense the beginning of this month. I can already see that it has been around for more than year, and just like everyone else I’m super exited for this Fan Game. I haven’t really known that many awesome Fan Made Games, but this one must be one of my favorites (when a demo comes out that is :P). I just hope that it wouldn’t be jealous of my most favorite 😛 (Super Smash Flash 2, it would also be Super Cool if JKB joins their team; I know he will help them out ssoooooooooo much and make it even better than it already is [link if he wants to join: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGhsMEdBcUV2MmRjRGV3WUtUdkdvYVE6MQ ]). But non-the-less I know it will be a great game (especially of how much love is put in it). If you read my comment, thank you and Rock(man) on! 😀

    • Guilherme Gasperotto

      it is no “class B” it is “rank B”. This is the dificulty of the game:
      Sigma= very hard

      • DETahaX

        Umm.. Yeah.. I kinda noticed after a while.. Where the fuck you 3 years ago when I didn’t know? o-o

  • mudkipmaster2425@gmail.com

    this game looks awesome

  • Julius Poke

    I just want to thank you for bring back this awesome saga.

  • Eric Silva

    quero que lança 2015 ou 2016 esse pode ser utimo rockman x corrupted midar noticias para ter link para baixar obg

  • JNOVA7

    I know that this game wouldn’t work on the PSP but does anyone know if it will work on a PS3, XBOX360,XBOXONE, or PS4?

  • Daisuke Tsukimoto

    how can i play this amazing game?? where can i download??

  • Ozkar Alexis Martinez Arias

    cuando lanzan el videojuego? me encantaria jugarlo y me gustaria que si llegan a tener los subtanks, corazones y armaduras sean muy complicados de conseguir asi como una habilidad completamente dificil de conseguir, y los jefes no tengan patrones repetitivos sino aleatorios y asi aprovechar al maximo el juego y prestigio de la saga megaman x

  • Michael Song

    Wait, I’m a bit confused. First of all, I just heard about this, and the only thing I can find out is that it’s fan-made. So… is this a rom hack? Or is it an official game? Or is this a pc game? Does it use some sort of emulator? Or is it a phone game? I am not able to find any info. I read the game feature, but it doesn’t really answer any of the questions I just asked.

    Please help, and if there’s some sort of website that explains all that, plese post a link.

    I already read http://megamanfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Man_X:_Corrupted, but I don’t know what “coded in AS3 using Flex compiler on Flash Develop” means. is Flash Develop some sort of game console?

  • João Paulo Cardoso Krug

    pls someone can share a download link?? i so want to play that game!!!

  • Udochukwu Austin Uzomba

    It”s like the most best fan game in the world