A Look at the Game Editor

JKB Games has just released an update not only about the progress of the project, but gave us an insight on some innovating measures taken to produce levels inside of Mega Man X: Corrupted a bit quicker.

For all of the curious developers reading, the game is also being migrated to AS3, also known as ActionScript 3. This technology will allow you to enjoy playing the game with not only better performance, but also in full screen mode!

Take a look at the screenshot below to get a glimpse of the level editor. Unfortunately, downloads to JKB Games’ level editor will not be available for others as it’s programmed specifically for Mega Man X: Corrupted.

Mega Man X: Corrupted game editor

The game editor is Mega Man X: Corrupted specific and will not work with any other Mega Man fanmade projects.

  • megacool

    I don’t see how far is the progress of the game,like the percentage of the progress

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have that information yet. We will keep you posted though when we do.

  • Deivyd Wyllyans

    gostei do editor
    me surpreendeu.

  • Vrlex46

    will there be a level editor in the game? that would be cool.

  • Fahrenheit

    You’ve done such a great work ! A master piece !
    Do you know if it is possible to extract sound from the PSX version of MMX3 ?
    The quality sounds are clearly better on it (explosions, Z-saber, etc…)

    • Eric Scott

      i pray they dont….that sound ruined MMX3 for me and is the reason why MMX3 on SNES is such a rare game

    • MaiWiddowPoni

      oh come on, i dont want to hear the charging sound like a freakin’ VACCUM CLEANER!

  • AkitusXA

    Was the game editor custom-made or something?